"Look at the clock! For once, Detective, could you get to my office on time? Now sit down and listen up! There has been a murder in Stickville. It apparently occurred six years ago ( July of 1994 ) but the body has only just now been discovered. The corpse of a sixteen-year-old male by the name of Billy Grump was found at the Stickville dump early this morning by two boys. The two boys are in the conference room waiting to talk with you. Billy Grump's parents have been informed of the discovery and are also waiting, in the conference room, to speak with you. They are eager to help and have given us permission to search their son's old bedroom. Look for clues at the morgue, the dump and the victim's old room. I suggest talking with the parents first, however this is your case so you can do as you please. Report back to me when you have solved the crime. Get cracking!"
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